About the Artist

IMG_3301My name is Jackie and I started my journey into the world of fused glass when a friend invited me to a small workshop where we made pendants from scrap glass and the studio fused them for us. When I picked them up I thought it was just the coolest thing ever! Soon after, I purchased a small “micro-kiln”, a two piece contraption that allowed me to make one small piece at a time in my microwave. It was really more of a guessing game on how long to heat it, cool it, etc. and I knew I wanted to do more… so in February 2011 I brought home my first real kiln. About a year later I added a second one that was slightly larger but still uses regular household current so no special wiring required. I hope to add a larger kiln soon to allow me to expand into taller pieces like vases and larger plates, bowls and wall art.

Why “Full Moon Loon Designs?” I chose the name for a couple of reasons. I wanted something that reflected the area in which I live and work – and the loon is our state bird here in Minnesota. More relevant however is the full moon which seems to be when I am always just bursting with creativity and more ideas than I have time to work on.

Glass is really just a side hobby, at least until I can retire and have more time to spend creating. I work in IT full-time, hold a Master’s degree in Technical Communications, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. I am married and have two grown children and three grandchildren. I have passed on some of my artistic genes as my son won first place at the Minnesota State Fair for his glass entry in 2014!


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