**UPDATE** As of May 2016, items available for sale are posted in my Etsy shop. Visit my shop here! 
The pieces I sell are all hand crafted (by me!) which means that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. When there are multiples of an item for sale, each will be slightly different.

Also being hand crafted and not mass produced means the piece may not be “perfect”; while I strive for exceptional quality in everything I make, some pieces just do what they want in the kiln! If I feel a piece is defective, I won’t list it for sale. However there are some pieces which I may not think are perfect with their little imperfections but those are simply characteristics of a hand made piece.

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting me as an artist. Yes, you might find fused glass cheaper, either online or in stores, especially if you buy imported junk. But my work is a result of many hours of thinking, sketching, prototyping, and yes, failures (aka learning experiences!)

Full link to my Etsy shop: